10 Short Stories About the True Power of Love

10 Short Stories About the True Power of Love

Sometimes life produces the kind of situations and events that Hollywood writer could never dream of. Funny, ambiguous, unpredictable, tragic – life is so diverse. Whatever happens, there is always room for love, goodness, cheerful behavior and easy miracle.

We at Bright Leaks together 10 powerful stories that are directly in the heart.

  1. Today, two days after my partner’s funeral, I received a bouquet of flowers, which he had ordered the week. The note said, “even if the cancer victory, I want you to know that you are the daughter of my dreams.”
  2. Today, I won a lawsuit that lasted a very long time. 14 months ago I discovered that my neighbor beat his dog regularly. I kidnapped and arrested me. I spent a lot of money in the process, but today, when I woke up and felt the warmth of my four-legged friend at my feet, I knew it was worth it.
  3. My daughter was coming home from school and asked where he could learn sign language. I asked her why she wanted, and she said she had a new girl at school who was deaf, and did not know the sign language, and had no one to talk to.10 Short Stories About the True Power of Love© Big Beach Films  
  4. Today, I owe the wrong number and accidentally my father a message that says “I love you,” which was intended for my husband. A few minutes later, I am an answer: “I love you too daddy,” It was so touching that to say so seldom these things to each other …
  5. In our school, like all the others, there is a girl who is more popular than the others. He is incredibly beautiful and intelligent, and all the guys who would do anything to get your attention. But it happens all the time with only one child: his younger brother, who has autism.
  6. My grandfather and I were looking through some photos that we danced to an old recording of one who stumbled into a party with my grandmother, who had died a few years ago. He put his arm around me and said, “Note that although things do not last forever, it does not mean it’s not worth your time”10 Short Stories About the True Power of Love© New Line Cinema  
  7. I worked as a consultant, as adoptive children for 15 years. Later, I found one of the children he had worked with before. He had been a difficult child, always excited and angry at life. Once I was doing a Superman drawing, and wrote a message about never giving up as a superhero and always winning. This child is now a firefighter, and saving people’s lives. We chatted for about half an hour, and before he left, he opened his wallet and showed me the image of Superman who had kept it all the time.
  8. I have diabetes. Two years ago, my mother died and took me to her cat, the kit is called. Recently, I woke up at 3 am when Kit sat on my legs and started to mow the lawn. I had never heard him speak in a strong insistent voice. I got up to see what was going on and suddenly felt very weak. I grabbed my glucose meter to check my blood sugar level. He had fallen to 53, and the doctor had told me that the normal level was 70-120. Later, in the hospital, I was told, if the kit did not wake up, would never wake up.10 Short Stories About the True Power of Love© Studio Canal  
  9. A great loss chasing me from the subway almost to my door. He was nervous. Suddenly appeared a man with a knife in front of me and told me to deliver the wallet. Before he had a chance to answer, the dog had fallen to him. He dropped the knife and escaped. Now I am safe at home, and it is all thanks to this stray dog.
  10. I recently sat in a second-hand bookstore and bought a copy of the book that was stolen from me when I was a child. I was so surprised when I opened it and found it was the same book stolen. The first page had when I gave my name and the message of my grandfather, who wrote to me. He had written: “I really hope this book will be many years later, fall into the hands again and you can read it again.”


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