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7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use

Modern phones have many functions: they allow you to reach out to send in a few seconds a message to all your friends and surf the Internet someone on the other side of the world. However, this is hardly a complete list of what your device is actually capable of.

For you alone, Bright Leaks found and tried 7 smart tricks that probably do not know you could do with your smartphone.

1. Turning your cell phone into a listening device

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© Whatican  

With only a few simple manipulations, you can turn your phone into the ultimate spy tool or baby monitor. The device works very simply. To test, place your phone in the desired location, then move to a remote area and call the handset configured as a clandestine listening device. It reacts automatically, and you can hear what happens, where placed. This thing is not only for spies!

2. Getting your phone locked forever

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© Pixabay  

If your smartphone is lost or stolen and you want your personal information to keep it away from prying eyes, this feature can be very useful. The thing is, for each global SIM, assigned a unique 15-digit number, called IMEI. If your phone is more in its possession, and there is hardly any chance of seeing it again, just call the company and ask for the mobile phones, which lock your device, the number. Moreover, if everyone started with this trick, mobile phone is stolen fundamentally useless! To find the IMEI code for your phone, combination * # 06 #. Take a moment to do it right away!

3. Turning your phone into a microscope

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© NonBony  

This may seem unbelievable, but really do not need to see on costly Splurge objects that are too small for the equipment to the naked eye. By using a small lens and a cell phone (which can be found on a laser pointer) you can make a portable digital microscope that allow perfectly and even children see in the nuclei of the cells for the absorption of large images. Find instructions here.

4. Taking underwater photos

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© 4apple  

All today’s smartphones are not waterproof. However, just because you have a mobile device that has not been designed for underwater catches, does not mean you can not take with you in the pool, the sea or the ocean. “How is it possible?” You ask. You only need one case of polythene to make take less than two minutes.

5. Setting up Face Unlock

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© androidinsider  

Android offers many ways to unlock your phone: a PIN, a password, a gesture pattern or a typical uncertain move. But there is a method of ignoring more debugging than most users. In fact, the Face Unlock function is much safer than a simple password. To configure it, go to Settings, scroll to security, lock the screen and select the option you need.

6. Making holograms

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© xplayone  

As if by magic! With a little creativity and patience, you can make spectacular 3D holograms directly from the future. The instructions are here.

7. Extending the life of your smartphone

7 Useful Functions of Smartphones That You Don’t Use© VlogTimes  

It is quite normal that the output store to pick up your phone from dust, dirt and other contaminants in time. But few people know that dust in the loading port can be a major cause of death of the device. To avoid this, clean your phone regularly. Just take a syringe is filled with air to insert the needle into the socket and inject the air. This method easily allows you to charge to remove dust and extend the life of your smartphone.

Preview photo credit: VlogTimes

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