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How to Change Your Life for The Better in a Month

How to Change Your Life for The Better in a Month

Blogger makes a bold Svetlana Pokrevskaya for all those who fulfill their plan promise: Within a month only, does not recognize.

As she explains, “I just received a letter from one of my readers.” Hello Svetlana, I want to change my life in your life! “

Impressive. I wondered – is this really a “lifestyle”? Well, it seems I have it! And at once he wanted to put it in words and logically Point d’a point. And it is, ridiculously simple. I finish in four sections – one week. This is only a freelance month to change your life for the better!

So for each week there is a plan of three tasks that need to be integrated and take your life for the rest of the month. Ideally, you should read after follow-up, but it’s for you to decide.

(Week 1)

Purifying your mind and body

  1. A start, six hours. This is when you find time for yourself that you do not have enough during the day. You will find a period of peace, if you are, different things can solve the need to do so, without being distracted, because everyone is still asleep. This is a great place for morning exercises to prepare you to live the next full-time. Feeling lazy and a reluctance to get out of bed early is really not an indication of being tired. In my opinion, this shows that you do not really want to live your own life. What’s the point if you’re going to get out of bed when it’s no more than the same depressing weather, subway, traffic, work … But if it took place that other great daytime mentality and its first thought when it Woke up, it was in the morning! Admit it – when you feel like this, would hardly be a problem getting up early. It’s just plain logical. If you live life to the fullest, you want to jump out of bed. Or vice versa – if springest morning, life begins to burn brighter!
  2. Better nutrition. Future changes require an enormous amount of energy. You are probably currently the bulk of his energy to keep your body functioning due to the effects of alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy, oily, oily or other foods. Each of us has his own set of these vices that we have. Or rather, we must overcome. You can choose which type of diet you seem right. Personally, I am vegetarian and I believe in raw foods. But I know one thing is true for all of us: alcohol, chips, sugary drinks, prepared foods, junk food – none of these things get everyone’s idea of ​​healthy food. So, do all these things cut off your diet. Reduce the size of the portions you eat, and do not fill before going to bed. In other ways, just listen to what your body is telling you, or take advice from a dietitian. The most important thing, but to avoid being loaded with toxins. Instead, it is necessary to improve the lot of your body as much as possible by eating light, healthy, delicious food. They are happier and have more energy for which you need an active lifestyle.
  3. Sport. I love sport and I is absolutely obligatory. I never tire of saying that keeping the body well toned and healthy is essential for mental health. To shake a life of a tired body, you must shake your own body! And any method that looks good for you. I love yoga, running and dancing. Try to move every day more, no way you can – dance in the mirror when you get ready for work; Take the elevator to the stairs; Complete training for themselves in the gym.

(Week 2)

Putting your private life in order

  1. Clean up your personal space. Throw it all away! It’s time to put order in every corner, a table and a closet at home (add things do not count in the attic). Think about it: Every object in your home – even the smallest – not just a product, but consumes a small amount of energy. Is it really worth the same? I was so interested in this method that almost hit me all my stuff in the trash. Keep only those things that are really useful or really necessary, which makes you happy or what you appreciate the most. Another thing – so far have kept this bear, for your partner gave you for Valentine’s Day in 1998, but met a lot of time with them, so you do not need a memory the “happy ” more. Get rid of it without hesitation. After doing all this, you will notice that you are feeling much better. Especially when you wipe dust anywhere and you can wash the floors.
  2. Order your personal belongings; Meet your obligations. Remember, how many years is that you intend to learn Spanish? And how many times promised to visit his grandparents on the east coast? How many New Year’s decisions have been transferred to the old list to the new list for years? Remember all the promises he made to himself and others and decide how to deal with them. You have two options: (1) who answer, or (2), they reach their list of “things to do” forever. But if you can not give your grandparents, then you go tomorrow. Do what you have to do, rather than feelings of obligation and disappointment to emerge.
  3. Sort your social life. Break all the relationships you feel you pulled back or depress you. Give up talking to all those who have a negative perspective who are arrogant and those who have nothing in common. Knowing just go out and say that does not allow the ungrateful, be crazy to be uncomfortable – if that’s what it takes to feel free. The only exception to this should be their parents. In my opinion, you should definitely be fine with them, even if the job is.

(Week 3)

Plans, goals and dreams

  1. Write and your plans. It seems that we are dealing with a list of tasks from last week. How do you feel? Feeling happy and excited about it? Roll the sleeves in anticipation? If the answer is no, then it is worth to suggest a few things. Or even actually run them, then drop them. In both cases, the result I expected, an increase in strength and renewed thirst for life. Remember, what do you like or that at one time used to do? Do not forget that you have to take your job and serious financial obligations not only but also your free time schedule – so you can relax, see friends and loved ones, and (which is everyone on Always forget) to find the time of yourself. You need to have the kind of writing that are eager to get started. Be there. Suddenly, and do not forget to take certain steps and dates Imagine, the story of his life will be the subject of a book; It should be the one you like to read to you.
  2. List implausible of your dreams. This is to make one of my favorite things. I do exercise regularly and whenever my ideas are even more ridiculous. You have a list of them to do things that you dream of, but it is unlikely that you know that there absolutely will not happen. It could also be the master of the world or ascension of Everest, if you are 89 or ignore the sensitive voice in his head, and imagine that the world is your oyster; All you have to do is press with your fingers. You have all the time, money, connections and talent you need. What would you do? Moreover, my first list of castles in the air like this, I wrote in February 2014 has now been fully realized in full. And now it amuses me that my desires were so modest, but at the time it seemed impossible to realize.
  3. Plan things every day. How to write a daily plan for the next day. No matter whether it’s short or just a brief plan – that can be any kind of plan, as long as it’s written. And it is important that the night goes particularly well. Even if the next day do not remember, you will be more productive. This has been proved! Also, do not forget to take a look at your overall plan and ask where you are going in life. Are you going anywhere?

(Week 4)

Expand your horizons

  1. Attempts to Live Differently Even the smallest things can have an effect. Take a different route to work. Fall into a cafe where you’ve never been before, or an expensive business. Try a new sport. Try to do what you’ve ever done. And every day when you are busy with the things that lived there, all the time to make me the question – and now maybe a little different? You have to get into the habit of trying something new so we gradually want to be off the beaten track.
  2. Leave your comfort zone. Of course, if you have managed to perform all of the above steps, you have already come a long way out of your comfort zone. But you should go see their biggest fears in his eyes. And not only look, but also struggle with them. On this issue, I am a supporter of radical methods. Acrophobia? Parachuting gear. Scared of his boss? Go see it alone with a new proposal. If you are afraid to meet new people, go to a party where you do not know anyone (and go on your own, so you can not talk all night with his friend). We learn new things and develop in these situations.
  3. Take a break. What were you thinking? Is all this hard work? Just “pause” means you have to leave home, turn off Wi-Fi and spend a little time. This also means that you will give honest feedback. What was the last month for you? What happens at all, what changes are changes in your life and how do you go ahead and go further when it is finished?

The things that await you while you are on the road for this trip (which is true, is not the end, because this path is always) exceed your expectations. (They are really very simple) by performing these things every day and working in your life, you begin to feel a sense of harmony and omnipotence; You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it sounds a bit difficult … but believe me, it is true. “

Author: Svetlana Pokrevskaya
Photo credit: Jean-François Jonvelle

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