Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Have Broken up

Hollywood sad news today like Jennifer Lopez and smart Casper broke. Rumors Jennifer Lopez emptied, while others have this chip was evacuated after being in a “boys night”.

The couple agreed to October 2011 …

But I let you guess how many times they are separated and together.

Part of the reason is that Jen and Casper deliberately sent contradictory messages about the state of their relationship.

Experts say that Lopez and false intelligent separation in 2014, because they were sick of public scrutiny of their relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Have Broken up

Jennifer-lopez-and-Casper Smart-grand-opening-mr-chow

From the beginning, the couple was a subject of fascination of the public … and many puzzles.

At 29, Lopez is intelligent 18 juniors and was struggling professional dancers during their meeting.

It is not what is expected of a woman who has already held the men was as successful as Diddy and Ben Affleck but as more fans over the past few years have pointed out, are male celebrities and get married young , Attractive needs all the time.

So we are not shadows about the age difference, but we are always very happy to see these two go on their side.

There were several signs that the relationship was less stable, and not the least were the multiple separations (forged and others). The end of the relationship was probably a wise decision.

In any case, J-Lo becomes her revenge: She is always a star and Smart Casper forgotten. They are never married, she keeps her money and come back to a broken dancers.

We show off.

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