The Real Difference Between Men and Women

The Real Difference Between Men and Women

His diary:

“Today I realize that my husband acting strange, but hopefully again from TripAdvisor LLC. Reply Report inappropriate This post .. Thank you for your vote Good Bon Poor
I went with my daughters and went to the restaurant a little late, my fault. He was a little less talkative than usual and I realized that something was bothering him. At first I thought he was irritated to be late, but I realized that the problem a lot, was much deeper. I suggest we move to a less busy place, so I could talk. In a small cozy cafe I saw him in the eye and asked what was wrong, he seemed to ignore my feelings and said there was nothing wrong. I asked if I could do anything to get him down, but he just said he was not upset and had nothing to fear.
On the way back I said, “I love you”. I smiled, but went further into driving. Now I find that I can not explain this situation. Why, why do not you say he loved me? We are sure to go home, but I was devastated. I could not stop noticing that he tried to keep his distance and act as if it did not exist. He was sitting there, watching your favorite program. He said: “Good night” and went to bed
After about 15 minutes, they entered our room and jumped under the sheets. Soon he’s asleep for me … I could not sleep, to figure out what was going on with my husband. I really feel like I’m losing. My marriage is probably … And all my life is disintegrating … ‘

His diary:

“Today I could not start my bike. Something must be very wrong with the engine, but I could not understand it. I think you should take it to mechanics … “

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