What Will Occur if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

What Will Occur if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

Most of us have thought of a diet to go at once. For some, it is just a temporary throw a few pounds before a gaming desire; For others, weight loss is a struggle that takes many years. However, a Swedish physician, Andreas Eenfeldt suggested that it is time to stop believing in the myths about food and to listen to the signals your body sends you. We at Bright Leaks agree definitely.

As you know, we get power from two different sources:

  • from carbohydrates, which includes sugar;
  • from fat;

For many years we were told that fat is bad and that the only way to be thin to eat low-fat and celery. However, giving up sugar instead of fat is much more attention on it. Something very interesting is going to happen:

  • Once you have stopped worrying about whether you eat fat (in reasonable quantity) and leave the sugar you can stay permanently in the long run, and as a bonus you are a better overall health, more energy and a Beautiful skin and hair
  • They no longer need the calorie intake so that everyone can see what you are buying. However, its size is the first thing to downsize.

If you give up sugar for as little as three days, you will soon have a new sense of satiety notification and therefore feel convinced, despite eating less food. A lot of people trying to say they do not want to eat a big dinner anymore and even think about taking breakfast until the next day.

A rough three-day menu

What Will Occur if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

  • Scrambled eggs with ham or bacon
  • Boiled eggs with a small amount of mayonnaise
  • Coffee with cream
  • Cottage cheese (no less than 5% fat) with berries
  • Pancakes made with almond flour
  • A salad with green vegetables and olives

What Will Occur if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

  • Meat dishes: meat cutlets, meat fried with onion
  • Soups (excluding the carbs, apart from potato and beans)
  • Salads (made with any vegetables and with vegetable oil)
  • Fish dishes (excluding anything with large amounts of carbohydrates)

What Will Occur if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

  • Roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, bell peppers)
  • Thick sauce made from eggs and prawns
  • Toast with avocado and salmon
  • Any of the options from breakfast

Remember that every food choice is interchangeable, and you should eat as much as you want and when you want. You can not be afraid to experiment and try to prepare the daily meal in a new way.

If it is pressed for a while in this system, you will be surprised to discover that you have dropped several sizes of clothing. At the same time, they often feel less hungry, are free from any problems with your gut and / or blood pressure, and be energetic.

More importantly, this method can make you responsible for your body and your life.

In addition, you want to eat less cake.

Source: Andreas Eenfeldt, LCHF
Preview photo credit: Canal+ 

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