When a Man Embraces a Woman The Incredible Thing That Happens

When a Man Embraces a Woman The Incredible Thing That Happens

The writer David Tumarinson thus describes what happens in an intimate embrace.

“If a man comes silently from behind and embracing a woman, a circle, a circle, a circle of tenderness of heat and protection, and the place in the middle of this passionate circle is closed. The center of his universe, the man with a woman in silence, a woman is silent, feel the warm currents of the peaceful and warm this hand out.
“If a man kisses a woman, she feels she has wings and can fliegen.Der circle of love is calm and calm gemütlich.Diese tenderness melted like a lump of sugar in a cup Tee.Wer now standing in The center of your parenting circle?

“What does she feel she is now?

“Is it a woman or a girl, does she feel loved one another, or did the lovers do?” Refers to a light blanket of silence the woman’s shoulders and hide her thoughts of men … or maybe be is nothing hidden in this private club, as it considers fair and protects the outside world, which is so cold and Solitary, but in his arms, is warm and comfortable, these weapons are his protection and tranquility, is all that a woman unknowingly researched hopes and hope … “

Embrace your lady often. Place them in the center circle. Enjoying your lady by her show can be your tender and sensual love. Only love – she longs as you do.

Source: David Tumarin
Preview photo credit: Ivan Troyanovsky

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