Why is It so Important to Know About High-Pressure Depression

Bright Leaks today want to share some very important items with you. The question here is maybe not all that is tricky, but it is crucial that many people know about them as possible if we make the world a better place.

Depictions pop culture depression often the same picture: withdrawal from friends or favorite activities, difficulty sleeping and crying. Although these characters are, the problem is that there are many faces of depression. A growing contingent of people suffer from what is called a functional depression. And because a stigma is still attached, many remain hiding its sadness, and no one knows that something is wrong.

Why is It so Important to Know About High-Pressure Depression

High vs Low-Functioning

Depression is very functional when someone seems to have all together on the outside, but inside are very sad. Carol Landau, PhD, clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior and medicine, says see this primarily among women with a penchant for perfectionism – that is, the same people who probably enviable life and a long list of achievements Have personal.

“People often say they work high, but it’s not really true, because what is important is that a depressed person gets help, herself limited a high performance person,” says Landau.

A Struggle Hiding in Plain Sight

By Amanda Leventhal, a student at the University of Missouri with an apparently perfect life, publicly prosecutes his private struggle with highly functional depression that was recently released from earlier years in the making. “I arrived late at night and could not sleep and decided everything to put into words what I had expressed myself over the years.” Now he feels more comfortable, increase your depression In talks, but he said he will bring a lot again, because he is too many worried people will burn.

Landau is said to be typical of women. “We are still being caregivers, and part of it is no, but we need help,” she said. “But there is a big problem of depression is actually the main cause of disability in the world, according to the World Health Organization as soon as someone opens your boyfriend, you will notice that said his friend” , “Or” My sister feels like “.

Other Ways to Spot Depression

Leventhal is identified with women in antidepressant ads Mopey. Its symptoms are manifested in other ways. “For me, it was irritability,” he explains. “Landau says, this is quite normal.” Maybe you have a friend who is in a bad mood all the time or people think like a “Slut,” but within that person is really struggling to find other subtle signs: .. ironic or delinquent jokes or often seems out of it “

So how do you talk to a friend you think is masking their depression? Landau said, ask him if he was fine, he has not been himself lately. Leventhal contradicts this sentiment. “Just ask,” How are you? “Be there just to listen and do what they need.” There are so many different types of medicines, therapists, applications, medications, Medicines, medicines and drugs, and other Headspace, so it is tragic that so many people do not ask for help. “

We at Bright Leaks urge everyone to take care of your friends and loved ones to take. And, more importantly, if you need help, say something. There are always a lot of people willing to do what they can do for you.

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