You Should Never Believe Your Own Eyes

Its peripheral vision causes a portion of the entire field of view, which is about 190 degrees. However, it is far from perfect, and sometimes makes us see things that do not really exist. Bright Leaks found a cool way to prove it.

All you have to do is to focus on the cross in the center of the picture below, without looking up. You will notice that your peripheral vision turns the common faces of people into the “monsters”.

You Should Never Believe Your Own Eyes

The faces begin to slow down, right? And the more you look at the center of the picture, the more distortion. Why is this happening? We explain everything step by step.

There is an area of ​​the retina, called the yellow spot. It contains the largest number of receivers in the eyeball, allowing us to see a particular area more clearly. Let’s call this area, the main field of vision. That covers about 10% of the full range of our vision and shows where our eyes focus directly.

In this case, our primary field of vision is empty; There is only one dark area with a white cross. The brain takes information from other sources outside the main domain – in this case, alternating left and right images. These sources are not very “reliable” and the brain tries to combine them into a single image. It also tries to process the photos in a very short time, since we are changing the images very quickly. Therefore, the ability to recognize faces, lost, and the brain simply combines several features of the different faces into one set. For this reason, we see “Monster”!

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