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15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

The first thing you need to do to keep your clothes clean and beautiful is to learn how to wash properly.

Bright Leaks We are here to talk about the most common mistakes that can ruin your favorite clothes.

1. Improper sorting. Besides taking color into account, you need to pay attention to the type of fabric. For example, fleece garments should be washed separately. And do not mix cloth towels made of synthetic fibers.

2. Lifting stains in the wrong way. Do not be inspired by a new hole, if you are used to rub the stain vigorously. They must be thoroughly washed. The best way to avoid holes is to put a white sheet on the stain and let it soak.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

3. Using too much washing powder. It can result in an excess of foam, dirt can accumulate like a collar on these parts of a shirt. This means that the clothes are not clean, and is not the result to achieve, right?

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

4. Not paying attention to zippers. They must be properly compressed before washing the garment, as the teeth of the closure can easily ruin other garments.

5. Buttoning clothes. You should always remember that button folders, etc. Otherwise, the buttons may come, and the clothes will be messy.

6. Using too much bleach. Bleach makes substances less durable and can be easily broken, so you should try to cook clothes. You can do this by placing a large saucepan and add two drops of lemon juice.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

7. Laundering swimming suits in a washing machine. Swimsuits, running pants and other clothing in spandex or spandex should never be washed in a washing machine. The right way is to wash them in cold water.

8. Giving the washing machine time to ’rest.’ Some users may prefer to do this because they believe that several wash cycles can lead to breaking a line. But that is a mistake. The use of the washing machine, without discontinuity, reduces the energy consumption, since the machine uses the heat for the previous cycle.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

9. Using only one cycle for pillows and blankets. If you wash the pillows and blankets in a washing machine, perform two consecutive cycles: springs can keep the foam so that the soap can be left on the pillow.

10. Washing clothes without sorting them out. One of the heaviest tasks after washing the clothes searched matching socks. Why not try to wash the socks first? We are confident that the result.

11. Using fabric softeners for towels. These chemicals reduce the absorbency of materials, so it is best not to use towels.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

12. Washing too many clothes at once. Do not overload the washing machine as it can lead to a break.

13. Washing windbreakers and anoraks in the wrong way. To avoid the bottom lose their structure, you can put three tennis balls into the machine. They also help you get rid of the foam.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

14. Using very expensive washing powders and liquids. Most of the detergents we use, have cheap national substitutes: Garment salt can look brighter, and chalk helps remove stains. Laundry melt soap and washes stains. Lemon juice can be used to make soft and fragrant clothes.

15 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Washing Clothes

15. Not paying attention to the washer. It is very important to take care of your washer. Remember that in many cases the compartment for washing powder is mobile. Since detergent residues may remain, be careful. Do not connect the washing machine after the cycle, so it can dry. Once a year a cycle of cleaning with hot water and vinegar. This avoids the puck breaks.

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