Japanese women’s Four Secrets to Staying Fit and Slim

Japanese women's Four Secrets to Staying Fit and Slim

When I arrived in Tokyo for the first time, my weight of 44 pounds (20 kg) was higher than my normal weight. I told my problems with the Japanese lady who lived next door, and her answer really confused me. “A hot bath. Help, “he said.” A hot bath? “At that time, I did not know what he was talking about.

I hung on to a strict diet me tormented by training determined at least 2 hours a day very difficult, and could not stop thinking that I was not working hard enough. But just changing my attitude towards my body helped me lose 66 pounds with ease (30 kg). Moreover, it was a “side effect” of my new lifestyle, not an end.

I think we pay too much attention to proteins, carbohydrates and calories, and lose the most important thing about: Our body looks for natural health and we just have to listen.

I can now help people stay healthy with my knowledge of some aspects of the Eastern lifestyle. When you need to make it look and feel good, you have to remember the following four essential rules.

1. If you train as a sumo wrestler, it will be like a sumo wrestler aspect.

Sumo wrestlers eat breakfast. In the morning, start immediately do strength training, then they have an excellent lunch, then go to sleep, then wake up and repeat the whole routine.

I trained like crazy, and it made me look like an animal. It does not matter if you eat healthy foods, because the serving size was too large. After hard work and a great dinner, just wanted to sleep. It is proven that I build the muscles while layers of fatty beasts.

Another exercise is the lack of excessive hyperventilation. Calm breathing signals the body is fine, but once your body begins to feel stressed, your brain will warn that need quickly a dose of energy, most of which are found in sugary foods. The main sign that your training exaggerate, if you feel hungry like a bear.

2. Heat is life.

Food energy is one of the popular western food addresses, based on the principle of the East: Heat is life. Food is an energy we consume to survive. Vegetables and summer fruits help the body to adapt to the heat. Winter food contains more calories, so our body can retain heat in cold seasons.

Many nutritionists recommend raw food and fruit and greener vegetables. There is no doubt, is healthy, but your body cools down because of the large amount of raw food. Therefore, you want to eat a little more, to warm up

Do not forget that you can cook your vegetables. Maybe they contain a lot of vitamins, but your body will get more heat and energy.

3. liquids to drink during meals is unhealthy.

The Japanese never drink by eating. First cold liquids of your body. And on the other hand, it is bad for digestion. Scientists explain that water will neutralize the acid produced by the stomach to digest. Therefore, your body needs more energy to complete this process and why you want to eat again.

Food can also be your body is provided with a sufficient amount of liquid, so that the Japanese love hot soups. You should also try!

4. A warm bath prolonged his life.

After a warm bath always feel calm again, the muscles relax, and improves blood circulation naturally. Taking at least twice a month a bath will help cleanse your skin and improve digestion.

Japanese get the water level up to the heart: When the water level is higher, the blood pressure increases. The temperature should be 100 ° F – 104 ° F (38 ° C – 40 ° C) may be, as is ideal for improving blood circulation.

We are used to thinking that weight loss is a battle against calories, so some may find these odd tips. But look at the Japanese: The whole nation is in it to age well and people are known for their longevity. Perhaps there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and we should follow the rules only those people who know how to live in harmony?

Author: Katheryn Gronauer
Preview photo credit: (с) Columbia Pictures Corporation

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