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Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

If you have never felt that you are making your last minute vacation package, you are either a robot without emotions or prefer to travel with nothing more than a small tax on bags for free.

We tend to Bright Leaks also suffer from pre-holiday anxiety, so we have compiled a list of simple rules for organizing a suitcase.

If this easy to follow strange examples, which are still in control of the situation and use even smaller suitcase better!

1. Don’t stack your clothes — store them rolled up!

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

A good way to save the trunk and make sure your clothes do not wrinkle is stored in tight rolls, instead of stacking them one from the other.

So even a case easily closed 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, three pairs of jeans, skirt 1, 2 swimsuits, 3 summer sweater 10, shirts and dresses 4 may.

2. Use vacuum bags

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

Vacuum compression bags are useful for packing bulky items such as jackets, children’s clothing, toys and bedding. This method of packaging will save a little space.

And when it comes time to pack your home, vacuum bag again be convenient – to store dirty clothes.

3. Employ the ’pyramid’ principle

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

First you pack your shoes, arrange them along the sides of the box. Then take big clothes, such as pants and skirts. Not rolling – lying at the bottom of the box, these clothes are used as packaging for the rest of his business. Now roll your tiny clothes on – which form the middle layer of the ‘pyramid’. Then roll and grab lighter objects / slightly bent.

Finally, take the hochkarierbaren things, cosmetics, accessories, papers and small fragile items – they put on the top of the ‘pyramid’.

4. Say ’No’ to the umbrella

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

If you have a large umbrella – leave it at home! I pack a waterproof place, because it will take a lot less space in your suitcase. In fact, we recommend buying more disposable raincoats before going on vacation, to give adequate protection against the weather. And when the rain is over, you can not throw it away!

5. Buy travel-size cosmetics

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

We all feel the temptation, with as many tubes and bottles as possible to pack the suitcase on holiday. However, it is best to resist the urge to take useful things. During the holidays, you try to do with travel-size versions of their favorite cosmetics.

6. Pack small things the right way

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

When it comes to packing small items, such as USB flash drives, pocket books, hairpins, stockings, socks, sunglasses and reading glasses, put them in filling shoes, boxes of Cosmetics, document files and luggage bags. As for your jewelry, you can store it in a pillbox.

7. Use coat hangers

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

When transporting valuable clothing (such as classic shirts, business suits, tuxedos and cocktail dresses), the roll can be done easily in your suitcase. To ensure that these items reach their destination in the portable state, place them in travel bags without removing the hanger. This way, you can use the wall hook in the Zugfächern and on the plan.

8. Don’t pack more medicine than necessary

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

It makes no sense to bring all the contents of your medicine cabinet into your holiday suitcase. Choosing a more meaningful approach by selecting the most important drugs. Not more than one sheet of tablet of any type of drug packaging – this is sufficient to respond to any emergency.

To keep your medications safe, place them in sandwich bags and put the bags on the shoes to wear.

9. Don’t leave empty spaces

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

When packing your luggage, you may decide to leave a certain margin for all the souvenirs that can be purchased during your vacation. Such a decision could cause your complete clothes to be severely bent during the journey.

To avoid this, you must fill the empty spaces with small objects or groups of wrapping paper.

10. Only take what’s really useful

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

Things like portable blankets, camera bags, hair dryers and guides should stay at home. Wrapping your electronics in a soft shell or cotton pad will give adequate protection during travel. Paper guides can easily be replaced by smart phone applications. As for the type of hair dryer problem – it can with what is expected at the hotel.

The same goes for beach shoes, diving masks, sunscreens, children’s toys and straw hats – all these items can be purchased, once you get to your holiday destination.

And, finally, some more brief but valuable tips:

Ten Good Tips to Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

  • Prevent the phone charger and the headphone cable from entangling. A small paperback book or similar item
  • Packaging fragile glassware into a sock and place in a complete shoe to ensure their safety during the toughest travel activities.
  • Packed shoes prevent contaminating the rest of the luggage contents by placing each pair in a disposable bath cap.
  • Make sure your favorite bra does not wrinkle during the trip by placing rolled socks in their cups.
  • Make your bottles of shampoo and waterproof shower gel, unscrewing the cap, put some plastic cover over the holes and screw the lid on. So, even if the caps are loosened, the liquid will not spill over your clothes to wear.
  • Prevent collars are entangled during the trip, sliding them through a cocktail straw and attaching the brackets.

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