You’ll Never Sit This Way Again, After Reading This

You'll Never Sit This Way Again, After Reading This

Crossing the knee is a common pose bringing people into a sitting position; Many of us automatically. This position is both elegant and attractive and often associated with “woman” and “lady”. “We got into the habit of crossing our legs without thinking, but not many of us know that can have serious consequences on health and body. Bright Leaks has decided to share valuable information on this attitude with you so that you are well informed and know how to prevent circulatory problems with a simple movement.

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Although for many people this woman probably looks attractive, thanks to the way you are sitting here, which can happen to your body if you give too much time on one knee on the other:

  • Maintaining a certain position for hours can cause paralysis paralysis of the external popliteal sciatic nerve or condition is called. This can also occur if you sit for long in the same position. It so happens that position that is most likely caused paralysis of the sciatic nerve popliteal external crossover position.
  • In 2010, several studies have shown that when you sit for a long time crossed the legs, which increases the blood pressure in your body. Even if you must avoid any problem with blood pressure you feel in this position can help you live a healthier life and prevent future traffic problems.

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One reason for this is that if one knee on the other, which sends blood from the legs to the chest, a greater amount of blood pumped from the heart, increasing blood pressure. Another possible explanation is that blood pressure increases because the leg muscles (exercise when their joints do not move and the muscles do not change the length) exercise increases the isometric resistance to blood circulation. This is the reason why the passage of the legs does not have the same effect on the ankles as if one crosses one leg on the other.

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  • This position can also lead to an imbalance of the pelvis. A crossing of legs and eventually causes the muscle of the inner thigh muscle longer and the outer thigh longer, and compromises their joints, to leave room.
  • The habit of sitting cross-legged, to pass “veins” Chances. Although the most important factor for varicose veins is their frequently crossing genes your legs can lead to inflammation of the compressed veins. There are small blood vessels that prevent blood from circulating in valves in the wrong direction. If the legs are crossed, increases the pressure on the veins and obstructs the blood flow, which leads to weaken the blood vessels to contract and flows blood flow. This can lead to the accumulation of blood in the legs and cause the veins to swell.

Finally, a study found that sitting legs that are more than three hours a day crossed, can lead a person to develop a vaulted posture, deep neck and back pain and painful hips.

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Now that we have given an idea you can consider the habit enough to avoid short and long term health risks and just to be sure you try next time with the legs.

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