9 Tips That Can Save Your Life

When people term “survival tips” mean, many immediately think of a situation similar to that facing Robinson Crusoe or Bear Grylls: go with the natural one. But the fact is that even in the city is a good idea to know what to do when the misfortune of the situation to avoid requests.

Bright Leaks we collect some of the best tips to help that do not panic guaranteed in dangerous situations in order.

Using Keys for Self-Defense

9 Tips That Can Save Your Life

Often you see this kind of advice online: defend, if you are attacked in the street, take your keys between your fingers like a hissing rag. But really you should not do this because it can hurt your fingers. To get your key in this position in hand, you need time you can not have.

It is much more effective to keep the keys like a knife, or keep them with his fist.

If the Taxi Driver is Acting Strangely

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Before entering a taxi, write down his number. If the taxi driver seems to act strangely, call someone (someone) whom you know, or just pretend you are making a call. During the conversation, say the taxi number.

Don’t Underestimate Ixodid Ticks

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In Europe, Asia and America, ticks can give a person Lyme disease, and in some places, encephalitis check the birth. Both diseases are extremely dangerous. If you are bitten by a tick, please consult a doctor immediately for an examination.

Remember that ticks can catch in an ordinary park, so always be careful. To remove one that is dug into the skin, try using tweezers near the recording head, and reward carefully. Read for more about other methods to get rid of ticks here.

If a Person Says They Won’t Touch You, Be on Your Guard

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Pay special attention to strange and unsolicited promises. If someone says, apparently without, they do not intend to touch, this should arouse suspicions that they want to do exactly the reason. Statements of this kind have the alarm bell in his head always.

Money for an Emergency

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It is a good idea to hide money in your phone case. There is always the possibility of urgent cash need (to be paid as a taxi driver). Having a little money in case of emergency, you could save if your wallet / bag or bag is stolen or lost.

The Crowd Effect

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If you or someone you suddenly feel badly in a public place, do not ask for help from everyone around him. Instead, the next person can find, and ask if. Otherwise, responsibility simply “evaporate” people think that someone else has already taken responsibility for the emergency, and explored on foot.

What to Do If You Can’t Open the Window of a Sinking Car

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If you are in a car sinking underwater, you need to open the window immediately and go right through them. But if the window does not open? This can occur in cases where the body of the vehicle is damaged due to a collision. For this reason, you should always have some difficulties in the car, which can be used to break the window if necessary. A steering lock, fire extinguisher or other heavy objects would be appropriate.

You can find more details about what, if you are stuck here in a car to make it sink.

A Simple Safety Rule for Staircases That Many People Forget

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Never place your hands in your pockets when ascending or descending a ladder so that you can easily catch the handrail when it slips. But if you fall, your arms play an important role in preventing serious head injuries.

If Something Seems Wrong, Don’t be Afraid to be Rude

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You must always be bold enough to refuse to spend time with people who seem strange. If you are afraid, alone with your neighbor in the elevator of being and feeling that something is wrong, do not ignore your instinct to avoid hurting someone.

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